8 Days Remaining

Wednesday 12th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

by Felicity Collier

CAMPAIGNERS formed a queue outside a “clinic” in Soho yesterday morning to highlight the plight of the 214 million women in 69 of the world’s poorest countries who are denied access to contraceptive care.

The pop-up “No Contraceptives” clinic was organised ahead of an international summit on family planning in London which aims to secure funding to provide contraception in developing nations.

Vice-President of family planning charity Marie Stopes International Marjorie Newman-Williams visited the pop-up clinic where 214 protesters — each representing one million women — lined up to draw attention to all the women around the globe who can’t access contraception.

She said: “Without access to contraception, women are likely to have more children than they want or can care for.
“Frequent births in quick succession imperils a woman’s health, stresses her family’s wellbeing and future prospects, and overwhelms countries’ social and economic resources.

“In the UK, it is easy to take contraception for granted, but for women in developing countries it can mean the difference between gaining qualifications or being kicked out of school, between dividing your evening meal between four people or twelve, or even the difference between life and death.”

The charity has urged for safe abortion to become a global priority as 56 million abortions take place each year, 22 million of which are unsafe.

The government was set to announce an increase in aid until 2022, which will help provide 20 million women with voluntary contraception and prevent around 6,000 maternal deaths, 44,000 new-born deaths and 75,000 stillbirths every year.