19 Days Remaining

Friday 8th
posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

EMILY THORNBERRY launched a searing attack on the government yesterday for having appeased and cosied up to US President Donald Trump.

The shadow foreign secretary said that Mr Trump, whose decision to designate Jerusalem as the Israeli capital has come in for global condemnation, has made ministers “look like fools.”

She admonished those who had been “holding his hand and hugging him close” — a clear reference to car-crash PM Theresa May.

During an urgent Commons debate, Ms Thornberry asked: “When will they realise that bending over for a bully only encourages that behaviour, when what our country needs and what the world needs is a British government prepared to stand up to him?”

“The sheer recklessness of that decision needs no debate,” she stormed.

“Donald Trump is not crying fire in a crowded theatre — he is deliberately setting fire to the theatre.

“Then he has the unbelievable cheek to claim he’s doing this to move forward the peace process when in reality he is setting it back decades.”

Her Tory counterpart Boris Johnson insisted that Mr Trump remained the “pre-eminent power” able to exert influence and show “leadership” in restoring the Middle East peace process.

But Middle East Minister Alistair Burt said that other countries would now have to come forward to fill the “trust deficit” the US had created in peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine.

Mr Johnson stressed that the government stuck by its position that the status of Jerusalem must be resolved as part of a negotiated settlement between Israel and the Palestine.

“I view premature recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moves of embassies as not helpful in this context,” he said. “It’s something we want to do but it cannot be done until you have progress towards a two-state solution.”

Mr Burt told MPs that Britain would be co-sponsoring a meeting at the UN security council today to discuss the issue.

He also urged the US administration to bring forward detailed proposals now for an Israeli and Palestinian settlement.

“The process has to move on,” he said. “If the process was derailed by this, that would compound the unhelpfulness of the decision.”