9 Days Remaining
Nicola Jackson

Thursday 19th
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A Good Decision
Nicola Jackson

She is unattractive, inside and out,
I understand why he left her for a man.
Good decision.

She is a young beautiful piece of ass.
Does not matter what the media writes.
Good decision.

Nobody builds better walls. They are not sending us the best.
Build it high. Build it strong.
Good decision.

I'd look at her right in that fat ugly face of hers.
Rosie, you're fired.
Good decision.

All the women on the Apprentice flirted with me.
That's to be expected.
Good decision.

He’s a war hero because he was captured.
I like people who aren’t captured.
Good decision.

Politics is such a disgrace.
Good people don't go into government.
Good decision.

Its freezing and snowing in New York.
We need global warming.
Good decision.

Two forty-five Eastern Time, Trump declared.
America you have your answer.
Live with that decision.



Nicola Jackson was one of the first women to be allowed to study at Clare College Cambridge and has a Doctorate from Oxford University. She is a freelance writer based in London and Cumbria. She has had poetry published in a range of newspapers and journals. Her work was commended in the Hippocrates Poetry and Medicine Prize 2016 and won First prize in the national Poetry Day 'Message to the Planet' competition 2016.

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