8 Days Remaining

Wednesday 23rd
posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

BIN strikes in Doncaster have been postponed after a last-minute pay deal was agreed yesterday between the Unite union and private contractor Suez.

Workers were set to walk out today in a dispute over wages, but they accepted a new offer when it was put to them, meaning that they will receive a 2 per cent increase backdated to April and an additional 2.7 per cent award from March next year brought forward to next month.

The deal sees workers £1 an hour better off and the agreement with Suez includes a pledge that future pay awards will be in line with inflation.

Unite warned that further industrial action was still a possibility if the privateers fail to withdraw plans that would see 100 out of the 250-strong workforce made redundant.

Talks with conciliation service Acas over a new contract are scheduled for Friday. However, the union warned that the threat of compulsory redundancies remains a “red line” and must be retracted.

Unite regional officer Shane Sweeting said: “This deal has dramatically improved the wages of our members and means many of them are being paid above poverty pay rates for the first time.

“Residents of Doncaster will be relieved that their refuse collection will not be seriously disrupted by strike action this week.

“However, until Suez withdraws the threat to make over 100 refuse workers compulsorily redundant, the possibility of industrial action this autumn remains very much on the table.”

Unite national officer Jim Kennedy added: “This has been a difficult and complicated dispute; our members have been resolute [in pursuing] pay justice.

He said local politicians and community leaders deserved thanks for supporting the union in its struggle, as “this has assisted in the planned strikes being called off.”