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Wednesday 23rd
posted by Morning Star in Britain

GRIME artist Stormzy was among dozens of people who hit out at the Metropolitan Police on social media yesterday, accusing the force of institutional racism for linking drug busts to the Notting Hill carnival.

The Met’s official Twitter account showed a picture of what it said was thought to be a kilogram of uncut heroin after the substance was seized during a raid in Catford, southeast London.

“In the run-up to Notting Hill carnival, officers have this morning seized what is believed to be a kilo of uncut heroin in Catford,” the tweet reads.

However, many social media users were outraged at the inflammatory nature of the tweet.

Stormzy replied: “How many drugs did you lot seize in the run-up to Glastonbury, or we only doing tweets like this for black events?”

Sam Pennington responded: “They’re wrong to link heroin to the carnival. Let me know if you see anyone at Notting Hill carnival doing heroin. I’d be impressed.”

Others mocked the irrelevance of the Met’s tweet.

Posting a picture of her dog wrapped in a blanket, actor Carli Fish said: “In the run-up to Notting Hill carnival, I’ve covered my dog with a blanket because it’s too cold in Hemel Hempstead.”

And someone using the handle Caulibroc tweeted: “In the run-up to Notting Hill carnival, the Met Police remind us that they’re still institutionally racist.”

The force has been tweeting after carrying out a series of dawn raids in Lewisham, south-east London, as well as in Kensington and Chelsea, the west London borough where the world-famous carnival takes place.

A Met police spokeswoman was unrepentant, telling the Star: “The raid in Catford was part of our intelligence-led operation in relation to Notting Hill carnival. The tweet is what it says on the tin.”