14 Days Remaining

Wednesday 27th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

BORIS JOHNSON is seeking to become MP in the safe Tory seat of Uxbridge and South Ruislip in next year’s general election, it was revealed yesterday.

The London mayor’s spokesman confirmed that he would apply to be the Tory candidate in the north-west London area.

Mr Johnson announced his intention to return to Parliament earlier this month, amid speculation that he is positioning himself to take over from Prime Minister David Cameron as Conservative leader in the future.

Mr Johnson said he hoped to “make his case” that he was the best person to represent the constituency, held by John Randall with a majority of 11,000 at the last general election.

“I’m sure there will be plenty of excellent candidates and I hope very much to make my case to the association,” he told the Evening Standard.

The Conservative candidate for the seat is due to be announced on September 12.

Mr Johnson has said that if he is elected to the Commons next May he will still serve out his term as mayor, which ends in 2016.

His latest right-wing rants have seen him call for tougher anti-terrorism laws,  including a presumption that Britons travelling to Iraq and Syria without notifying the authorities are engaged in criminal behaviour.

Downing Street has poured cold water on the idea, stressing that police and security services are not “pushing” for such measures.