6 Days Remaining

Tuesday 12th
posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

THE £1 billion sweetheart deal the Tories struck with North Irish extremists to prop up Theresa May will need to be approved by Parliament, government lawyers admitted yesterday.

Officials were challenged to come up with the legal basis for the deal with the DUP by the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB) and Gina Millar, who sued the government to force a vote on Brexit in Parliament.

“It beggars belief that, neither at the time the government sealed its dubious deal with the DUP in exchange for their votes in the Commons, nor at any point since, has the government made it clear that the £1bn of taxpayers’ money for Northern Ireland could only be handed over following Parliamentary approval,” Ms Miller said.

The £1bn promise was made to cobble together a right-wing majority with the 10 DUP MPs after Labour snatched away Ms May’s majority in the June election.

The government said that no timetable had been set for making the payment.

Labour’s shadow chief secretary to the Treasury Peter Dowd said it was “a clear indication that the Conservatives’ chaotic attempts to circumvent Parliament must come to an end.”

IWGB general secretary Jason Moyer-Lee said that Parliament must vote according to the interests of working people whose jobs depend on public money.

He added: “They are routinely told that there’s no money available to improve their pay, holidays and other terms and conditions they demand.

“Yet when it comes to keeping themselves in power, this government’s fiscal discipline quickly dissipates.”