10 Days Remaining

Monday 11th
posted by Will Stone in Britain

MORE than 1,000 lawyers have penned a letter to David Cameron published today to advise him that the Brexit vote is not legally binding.

The barristers remind the Prime Minister that the referendum result is “only advisory” as the threshold necessary to leave the EU commonly adopted in polls of national importance had not been set.

They recommend the government conducts an independent study into the pros and cons of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU before doing so.

The letter, co-ordinated by Philip Kolvin QC and signed by 1,053 barristers, claims to be “legal opinion.”

It states: “There is evidence that the referendum result was influenced by misrepresentations of fact and promises that could not be delivered.

“Since the result was only narrowly in favour of Brexit, it cannot be discounted that the misrepresentations and promises were a decisive or contributory factor in the result.

“The parliamentary vote must not be similarly affected. The outcome of the exit process will affect a generation of people who were not old enough to vote in the referendum.”

EU law specialist Aiden O’Neill warned that government action to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which allows member states to leave the EU, “will simply further divide us.”

He said: “The Brexit referendum has made clear that the UK is not a united nationstate but a divided state of nations.

“But it has given no mandate or guidance as to what our nations’ future relationship might be with Europe and with each other.”

However, left-wing Leave campaigners have dismissed the “transparent bid” by lawyers to “subvert democracy.”

Lexit Left Leave campaign convener Alex Gordon said: “This is yet another attempt to subvert the democratic decision of the people to leave the EU. 

“We don’t need a thousand lawyers to tell us that the mandate delivered on June 23 was a political rather than a constitutional one, just as this advice is political rather than juridical.”