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Wednesday 7th
posted by Will Stone in Britain

Rees-Mogg’s nephew caught out misleading voters

TORY Nicola Blackwood has been forced to remove a promotional video of prominent Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg’s nephew saying he will vote for her despite not living in her constituency.

The Oxford West and Abingdon MP, who is defending her seat in tomorrow’s general election, featured the clip of William Rees-Mogg on her Facebook page.

Jacob’s nephew, who is also the president of Oxford University’s Conservative Association, said in the clip: “Hi there, my name’s William.

“I’m voting for Nicola because as a student and, in light of the recent Brexit vote, I’m really keen to get an MP in Parliament who is in government who can be a solid voice for students.

“Nicola’s always been a brilliant advocate for students within Parliament, she always listens, she’s a caring and excellent MP.”

An outraged student at Oxford University, who did not wish to be named, told the Star: “The video is dodgy, it should never have been posted. It reeks of desperation.

“It’s bad enough that Nicola is resorting to relatives of Tory MPs to back her, but it’s even worse to get them to claim they’d vote for her even though they can’t.”

Labour’s candidate for Oxford West and Abington Marie Tidball described the gaffe as “embarrassing.”

Ms Blackwood was elected to the seat in 2010, winning by just 176 votes. She has come under criticism recently for failing to appear at hustings in her constituency.

A spokeswoman for Nicola Blackwood’s office claimed it was a “genuine mistake,” arguing that William “misspoke.”

She said: “We thought William said ‘supporting’ not ‘voting.’ It is clear he misspoke and we posted it without realising.

“We have now taken the post down. Thank you for letting us know we really appreciate it.”

The constituency is one that has a so-called “progressive alliance” with the Greens not standing a candidate to give the Lib Dems, who were second place in both the 2010 and 2015 general elections, a better chance of beating the Tories.