12 Days Remaining

Saturday 7th
posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

FAST-FOOD workers have to “grovel and beg” bullying bosses for sufficient hours of work to earn enough to pay their weekly bills, general union GMB said yesterday.

GMB warned that thousands of workers, particularly young people, depend on “the whim of local managers” for enough work to live on.

The union will stage nine demonstrations nationwide next Tuesday, targeting fast-food firms who exploit workers through low pay and zero-hours contracts.

The protests will target contractor Select Service Partner UK (SSP) which operates fast-food outlets on behalf of Marks & Spencer (M&S).

GMB is calling for a “living wage” of £10 an hour for fast-food workers, a demand which is also backed by the TUC and the Labour Party.

The union also wants guaranteed hours and abolition of zero-hours contracts.

A zero-hours contract means that there is no guarantee of any work from one week to the next, while managers can call staff in at short notice when needed.

GMB national officer Ellie Butler, who represents fast-food workers facing problems, told the Star: “People on low wages have to keep their hours up. How you get the hours is that you are at the whim of local managers who make up rotas, often at short notice.

“Some managers have a very arbitrary style. They bully people who effectively have to beg and grovel for more shifts to live on week to week.”

The protests will take place in London, Manchester, Bolton, Leeds, Sheffield, Wakefield and Birmingham and at the M&S distribution depot in Swindon.

They will coincide with a strike by fast-food workers in New York for a “living wage.”