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Friday 17th
posted by Kadeem Simmonds in Sport

Russian hooligans alleged yesterday that they were sent by the Kremlin to attack England fans at last year’s European Championships.

In brutal and horrific scenes, England and Russia supporters clashed on the streets leaving dozens bloodied and injured.

However, in a programme titled Russia’s Hooligan Army on BBC2 last night, a hooligan known as Vasily the Killer said that the violence was sanctioned by Vladimir Putin.

“They were special military forces of football hooligans sent by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to conquer Europe,” he said.

The only apparent link between Putin and these hooligan groups is the head of the official Russian supporters group Alexander Shprygin, a notorious far-right activist, who is alleged to have ties to the Russian president and was part of the Russian FA delegation during Euro 2016.

In the programme, hooligans went on to warn England fans travelling to next year’s World Cup, in Russia, that they will be “100 per cent targeted.”

Leader of the Orel Butchers group, who took credit for the battles in Marseille last year, only named as Denis, said: “They can come over and we’ll see.

“Somebody will obviously try to do something, that is like 100 per cent — 100 per cent guaranteed.

“Have family and children around you or something ... if you are there with your male friend you should calculate on getting your arse kicked.”

Denis also boasted about potentially leaving one English fan in a coma during an attack last summer.

“We were determined to mess up the British guys. It was like 200 professionals fighting 2,000 amateurs.

“I hit a guy in the head. There was a British guy in a coma. I was thinking: ‘I bet that’s my guy because I really hit him properly’.”

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