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Monday 5th
posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

Ex-Conservative supporter left shaken after abuse from candidate

A TORY candidate came under fire yesterday from his own constituents after he verbally attacked a mum of a disabled child who challenged him over government cuts.

Millionaire Jonathan Djanogly launched the astonishing tirade against the former Tory supporter during a parliamentary hustings in Cambridgeshire.

Emma Bail, who said she was attending her first ever political meeting, raised concerns over “damaging cuts” that mean preschool-age children with disabilities are limited to only 15 hours of support at nursery.

She said this meant that disabled children were excluded from nursery and their parents were being “pushed onto benefits.”

Instead of addressing her worries, Mr Djanogly berated her and accused her of being a Labour activist.

Ms Bail explained: “Mr Djanogly, in front of a room full of people, suggested I wasn’t telling the truth and that he had responded to me and branded me an ‘activist’ in an attempt to discredit me.

“I’m not an ‘activist.’ I’m a mum so frightened about my children’s future I feel compelled to speak out. I actually voted for Mr Djanogly last time.”

She added: “[The hustings] was the first time I have ever attended an event like that. As I spoke I was shaking like a leaf and had my dad and husband with me for support — not very activisty.”

A friend of Ms Bail’s alleged yesterday that she had received a message from Mr Djanogly’s agent Ryan Fuller suggesting they were taking further action.

Mr Fuller wrote: “Should you continue to make false statements about Mr Djanogly, you will be reported to the police as I have previously warned.”

Ms Bail confirmed she has not received any communication from the MP or his agent.

Locals of the constituency he is standing in have alleged that they have been subjected to threats and intimidation by other politicians in an attempt to silence them.

An activist — who said Mr Djanogly was “vile and odious” — claimed that he was being blackmailed by another local politician who threatened to send compromising photographs of him to the newspapers.

He alleged on Facebook: “They are all nasty … I’m a gay guy and the person who blackmailed me is also gay?!”

The Star contacted Mr Djanogly’s office for comment, but received none at time of going to press.