18 Days Remaining

Thursday 8th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

by Felicity Collier

A JEREMY CORBYN supporter claims she had her benefits stopped after it was “maliciously” reported to the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) that she runs a blog which accepts donations, the Star learned yesterday.

The blogger, who wishes only to be known as her Twitter handle @Rachael_Swindon, was reported in relation to the use of a PayPal link.

The full-time mum-of-two cares for her disabled husband and the family had been receiving employment support allowance (ESA) and personal independence payment.

In her blog she highlights failings made by the Conservatives and regularly names and shames the MPs who voted in favour of ESA cuts.

Left-wing blog the Skawkbox called the sanction a “malicious attack on a pro-Corbyn campaigner” and branded the person who reported Rachael a “slimebag.”

Rachael told the Star yesterday: “When the DWP stopped our money, it left me feeling so desperate.

“Up until my husband got ill I had never got benefits before. We had a home, our own business. We lost everything.

“The DWP are now going to reinstate our money — with no back pay, though. They have no thought of how it affects people when they put such sanctions on.

“When you wake up every day and worry about how you will feed your family, you know you have a problem.”

A spokesman for the DWP told the Star: “If someone has an income coming in, it needs to be declared and could affect the level of benefits received.”

He did not define the term “income” or at what level it would begin.

Rachael said she is being forced to hand over donations to the DWP as “over-payment” and said she felt like she was “living in limbo.”