9 Days Remaining

Friday 23rd
posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

KENSINGTON toffs were branded "sickening" yesterday after they complained that rehousing Grenfell survivors in "affordable" homes on the same site as their luxury housing complex would bring down prices.

Unison conference delegates heard of the "utter contempt" shown by some wealthy residents of a development just over a mile and a half from Grenfell Tower in response to the government’s emergency acquisition of 68 homes.

"They simply do not want poor people to live by them," said Doncaster branch secretary Jim Broad.

He described the comments made by some residents of the Kensington Row development as a "sickening and disgusting reaction."

Some residents had complained that moving families who had lost everything in the fire into the block next to theirs was "unfair" on the spurious grounds that the Grenfell survivors would not pay service charges.

One woman, who asked to remain anonymous, had said: "We paid a lot of money to live here and we worked hard for it. Now these people are going to come along and they won’t even be paying the service charge."

A man who lives in the luxury development, which boasts a swimming pool, gym and cinema that the survivors are likely to be excluded from using, had said: "I’m very sad that people have lost their homes.

"But there are a lot of people here who have bought flats and will now see the values drop.

"It will degrade things. And it opens up a can of worms in the housing market."

Mr Broad also reminded delegates: "Every Tory landlord voted against an amendment to a motion that would mean homes would have to be fit for human habitation."

Tower Hamlets branch secretary John McCloughlin said those who died in the Grenfell fire "were murdered."

He added: "The Tories equate council tenants with Labour voters. These are working-class people, many of whom are black and from minority backgrounds.

"But they don’t vote Tory. They are the people who the Tories ignore."

National young members forum delegate Kate Conway warned that young people were being priced out of the market by Tory ideology.

Northumberland delegate Cath Davies described Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as a "tsunami of hope" and praised his plans to build a million truly affordable and council-rent homes.

Unison vowed to step up its housing campaign.