7 Days Remaining

Thursday 29th
posted by Will Stone in Britain

KEN LOACH’S trenchant criticism of the Guardian newspaper in a letter defending Jeremy Corbyn was edited out of Tuesday’s published edition, leaving the film-maker bemused.

Mr Loach’s letter came in response to the paper’s story about focus group research among “Ukip-leaning” swing voters that had been passed to “moderate” Labour MPs. The research had prompted calls, said the paper, among the MPs to isolate themselves from Mr Corbyn’s leadership in order to keep swing voters “onside.”

The veteran director, who won a second Palme d’Or this year with his film I, Daniel Blake, a drama which portrays the human suffering caused by Britain’s cruel benefits system, wrote: “Any disarray or disunity in the party is the responsibility of those MPs.

“They attack Corbyn and John McDonnell day after day, refusing to promote party policy on jobs, housing, transport or the NHS, the core concerns of those they should represent.

“They offer no support in Parliament or outside.

“Worst of all they show contempt for the hundreds of thousands of new members, mainly Corbyn supporters who have made Labour the largest political party in Europe.”

But Mr Loach told the Star that the Guardian had chosen to omit his letter’s first and last paragraph, which criticised the newspaper itself.

His original introductory paragraph read: “Does your determination to undermine Jeremy Corbyn know no bounds?”

And the letter had concluded: “The Guardian is fast becoming the mouthpiece for this bunch of political losers who are intent on the destruction of the Labour Party they cannot control.”

The Guardian was unavailable for comment.