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Friday 30th
posted by Morning Star in Sport

Wales manager wants football to rid itself of dodgy bosses

Wales manager Chris Coleman was defiant yesterday when he demanded that anyone caught “stealing money” from football should be “removed from the game permanently” in the wake of the latest series of corruption allegations.
Following the release of footage which led to the departure of England boss Sam Allardyce, and a report claiming 10 unnamed managers have been involved in illicit payments, the Daily Telegraph has unleashed new footage detailing alleged impropriety.
After being accused of taking a £5,000 bung, Barnsley assistant Tommy Wright was sacked by the club yesterday, while QPR boss Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and Leeds owner Massimo Cellino are also implicated in separate controversies. All three deny any wrongdoing.
Coleman wants those who are found guilty of corruption to be exiled from the game.
He said: “Corruption is not about class, whether you are working class, middle class or upper class.
“You can have £100 million in the bank or nothing in the bank.
“Corruption is everywhere, unfortunately. It’s in governments, we’ve seen that, it’s in all sports.
“We talk about drug-taking in athletics or cycling, we’ve had the stuff with Fifa. We are naive to think this stuff doesn’t go on.
“What we are talking about, effectively, is people stealing money. Whether you are earning £50,000 a year or £50,000 a week, you are stealing money.
“Anyone caught doing that, they need to be removed from the game permanently. That’s it. Goodnight.
“If you are earning 50 grand a year, to the average man in the street, that’s a good salary, so you shouldn’t be taking money.
“If you are earning £50,000 a week, why are you taking extra money? Greed? Dishonesty?
“We all belong to an industry where there is corruption — lower level, higher level. It’s unforgivable.
“What are we going to do if we find out who the perpetrators are? What is the punishment? Is it a little rap on the knuckles or banishment? I know what it should be.
“If the evidence is there and they are caught, get rid of them.
“I have never ever taken a bung. I have never been approached to take a bung, and I can’t sit here and say that I know anyone that has.”
Southampton chairman Ralph Krueger was dismayed at the current allegations of corruption in English football and called for tighter regulation of player transfers.
“We’ve been a club that’s been driving, wanting to get control of the evolving agent world around us and we believe we’re going to have ears now,” said Krueger.
“We’re going to use this, for sure, as a club, to fight for change and to fight for more regulation.”