13 Days Remaining

Monday 4th
posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

A PITIFULLY small bunch of English Defence League (EDL) fascists shambled through the streets of Keighley in West Yorkshire over the weekend under heavy police protection.

Around 50 of them were met by more than 200 vociferous anti-fascists staging a counter protest on Saturday organised by Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and anti-racism group We Are Bradford.

The EDL staged a short march from Keighley railway station to the town hall where they held a rally, and were then escorted back to the station.

The racist group had also planned to hold a protest in neighbouring Bradford on the same day, but it was cancelled following concerns over the distribution of leaflets to Muslim homes which contained threats of acid attacks.

The low turnout of EDL members in Keighley was yet more evidence of the organisation’s continuing decline.

In July they mustered only 30 at a rally in Rochdale in Greater Manchester.

Unite Against Fascism said that the counter-protest attracted support from a wide range of groups including teaching unions UCU and NEU, postal union CWU, local Muslim youths and Black Lives Matter activists.

“After rallying by the war memorial, anti-fascists marched as close to where the EDL were as was possible, given the large police presence,” it said.

“Anti-fascists were from Keighley and surrounding area, unlike the EDL who were from various places.”

Northern anti-fascists will mobilise again next Saturday, which is when the EDL is expected to stage a rally in Newcastle.