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Thursday 5th
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Danza Acosta at Sadler’s Wells, London EC1/Touring

WITH no reliance on verbal language, dance is a truly international art form. As such, it’s a perfect vehicle for global cultural exchanges and Cuban Carlos Acosta is an exemplar of the power of dance to truly go beyond boundaries.

Born in Havana and achieving international success after winning the prestigious Prix de Lausanne in Switzerland, he went on to make Britain his home after joining the Royal Ballet in 1998 but continued to perform around the world.

A true Renaissance man — he’s written several books and been involved in films — the ”greatest male dancer of his generation” might have been content to rest on his laurels.

But not Acosta. The British debut of his dance company Acosta Danza, created with the dream of giving young dancers and choreographers the opportunities from which he benefited, is hugely impressive.

The light of the company shines bright in Sadlers Wells, with the dancers exhibiting both technical and emotional versatility, ranging from Justin Peck’s exuberant neoclassical Belles Lettres to the raw physicality of The Crossing over Niagara, a male duet choreographed by Mairanela Boan.

Imponderable, choreographed by Goyo Montero, explores the limits of expression and the joyfully comic Twelve, choreographed by Jorge Crecis — an interplay between artifacts and acrobatics — draws loud applause and laughter. Mermaid, created by internationally renowned choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherakoui, provides some star quality in a moving duet between Acosta himself and the wonderfully expressive Marta Ortega.

The energy and expressiveness of the company is truly contagious and it’s impossible not to be moved by the explosion of young talent— offstage, in choreographers new to British audiences and onstage, in a strong, diverse and versatile cast.

At a time when the closing and opening of borders make front page news, Acosta Danza is a poignant reminder that dance carries the best of humanity across boundaries.

Touring until November 11, details:

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