19 Days Remaining

Friday 8th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

UNIVERSITY bosses are “living on a different planet,” lecturers charged after news broke of Bath Spa vice-chancellor Christina Slade’s record-breaking £808,000 golden goodbye.

Times Higher Education reported that Ms Slade received £429,000 for loss of office, £250,000 salary and £129,000 in pension payments and other benefits, according to figures from the university’s official accounts.

It came on the same day that the Higher Education Funding Council for England revealed it was looking into the retirement terms of Bath University’s Dame Glynis Breakwell, who announced she was retiring, after a full year’s paid sabbatical, amid a row over her £468,000 salary.

Lecturers’ union UCU said the spate of high-profile scandals proved it was time for an urgent overhaul of how pay is determined and scrutinised.

UCU general secretary Sally Hunt said: “We are seeing what happens when decisions are taken in secret without proper checks and balances.

“This simply cannot be allowed to continue. We need an urgent overhaul of how senior pay and perks are determined and how our universities are governed.

“We need students and staff to have a role on the committees taking these decisions and we need to see the full minutes so we can be clear about how pay awards are decided.”

The university would not reveal why Professor Slade left her job and why she had received such a large sum of money.

They said the money had been handed over following “legal advice” which said it “reflected her contractual and statutory entitlements”.

nStaff and students at Birmingham University are staging a protest at 1pm today over excessive workloads and real-terms pay cuts. UCU is currently balloting for action. Vice-chancellor David Eastwood has been paid £2.9 million since 2009.