8 Days Remaining

Wednesday 7th
posted by Joana Ramiro in Britain

HOMELESS activists have taken over a former broadcasting building in central London, asking others to join them in building a TV and radio station “for the revolution” yesterday.

After being evicted from an empty bank and a former NHS office block, the Love Activists have continued their mission to highlight homelessness by occupying what they have named the “Nickelodeon Building” — a reference to its former resident, popular kids TV channel Nickelodeon.   

The space is reported to have television studio space as well as soundproof rooms and the Love Activists have made the space free for any broadcasters, journalists and activists to use.

“We would like to offer the space to create a semi-professional TV studio and radio station for the revolution,” said the group’s spokesman Danny Freeman.

The group currently has no means to acquire the equipment itself but is ready to welcome those who do.

“We wish to build it through donations without bringing money into the equation to break with the greedy shackles associated with cash donations,” added Mr Freeman

On Monday the campaigners were kicked out of an NHS building on Tottenham Court Road that is currently in the process of being demolished.

Occupiers said contractors simply “smashed down” existing walls to access the building.

Police were called to the scene but advised Love Activists to leave as it was “common sense.”

Love Activists then moved on to another empty property in the neighbourhood. 

“Everything we do is lawful,” insisted Mr Freeman.

In a statement regarding the occupied broadcasting station, the Love Activists said: “We have an opportunity here to occupy media and spread love through the air waves, let’s not let this escape the hands of the revolutionaries.”