19 Days Remaining

Thursday 21st
posted by Morning Star in World

CUBA rejected US accusations at the United Nations on Tuesday, as Latin American governments condemned Washington’s ongoing blockade.

In a highly confrontational debut speech to the UN general assembly, US President Donald Trump called the Cuban government — known for its numerous acts of international solidarity and development programmes benefiting the region and the wider world — “corrupt and destabilising.”

The Cuban delegation to the UN protested at the “disrespectful, unacceptable and meddling statements made by President Donald Trump.”

It said the attack was all the more outrageous as it coincided with the delegation holding a bilateral meeting with US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere John Creamer.

The Cubans reiterated their willingness to implement agreements made with the previous US administration, despite Mr Trump having hardened Washington’s stance in June.

They rejected “measures to intensify the blockade and interference in internal affairs” and “political manipulation of the human rights issue that was used as a pretext to justify those actions,” along with Mr Trump demanding changes to Cuba’s constitutional order as a precondition for normalised relations.

Meanwhile, other world leaders condemned the US economic blockade of Cuba, which remains in place nearly three years after bilateral relations began to thaw.

In his speech to the general assembly, Bolivian President Evo Morales said: “The US must unilaterally and unconditionally put an end to the unjust blockade” of Cuba.

Washington must not only lift the “criminal” sanctions, but must “make economic reparations for the harm caused,” Mr Morales added.

Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solis also condemned the human, social and economic costs to Cuba, saying the blockade was not only ineffective but a form of collective punishment of the country’s people that violates their right to welfare and development.