19 Days Remaining

Thursday 12th
posted by Luke James in Britain

SINN FEIN MP Conor Murphy said last night that his party wants David Cameron’s “disastrous” Tories out in May but won’t help prop up a Labour government.

Mr Murphy told his party’s “choices for 2015” public meeting in Parliament that Con-Dem cuts to welfare and public services have almost pushed the north’s fragile political process to breaking point.

The party’s senior negotiator also met leading Labour and Tory counterparts to set out Sinn Fein’s opposition to further spending cuts.

Speaking to the Star, he said: “We hope to see a change of government because we think this government has been disastrous in terms of the political and peace process in Ireland.

“And also in terms of its approach in trying to make the most vulnerable pay for the economic damage.

“There’s been no recognition from ministers of the impact their austerity policies have on places which are very heavily dependant on welfare and the public sector.”

The MP’s intervention comes after he helped hammer out the Stormont House agreement in December.

Sinn Fein secured protections for the poorest in the deal, which will see the Northern Ireland Assembly implement Con-Dem welfare policies for the first time.

Mr Murphy hopes to seek better terms with a new government.

But he rubbished claims in the Sun that Sinn Fein was set to break it’s historic abstentionist position to help put Ed Miliband into No 10 Downing Street.

“We won’t be involved in negotiating, supporting or propping up any government on the other side of the election,” he said.

“That’s a matter for the British people.”