13 Days Remaining

Tuesday 18th
posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

GLOBAL justice campaigners will set up a “walk of shame” for oil and gas executives attending a black-tie dinner at a swanky central London hotel tonight.

Activists said that Britain must stop “rolling out the red carpet” for the energy industry because developing countries have to bear the brunt of climate change caused by the use of dirty fossil fuels.

Executives from BP, Shell, Exxon and other major companies are meeting for two days during the Money and Oil conference to discuss money-making strategies. 

The conference theme is Boom, Bust and Beyond: Strategies for Survival. Later, they will head for a dinner and awards bash at the Dorchester Hotel.

Outside, protesters will be showcasing a gallery of images depicting the devastation that the industry wreaks on the Global South with the aim of drawing attention to the consequences of burning fossil fuels.

From about 6pm, War on Want campaigners will have a 100m-long fabric red line on each side of the entrance to the hotel to mark the area of protest.

War on Want international programmes officer Seb Munoz said: “The fossil fuel industry routinely disrupts and destroys lives and livelihoods, fuels violence and conflict and intensifies deadly climate change.

“The UK must stop hosting the oil and gas industry and whitewashing its crimes. It is time the voices of those affected by the oil and gas industry are heard if their survival is to be secured.”