5 Days Remaining

Saturday 9th
posted by Morning Star in Features

THE government is in disarray, lurching from one disaster to another. George Osborne’s “Budget for the rich” collapsed before the ink was dry, with Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation soon after the first in a series of events that show the Tories are weakened and divided.

Their failure to nationalise the steel industry could see thousands of jobs thrown on the scrapheap as families and their communities suffer due to Tory indifference.

Schools face being forced to become academies in the biggest attack on the education system for decades.

The NHS faces its biggest financial crisis since its inception. The fightback shown by the junior doctors is an inspiration, in what is one of the most important industrial disputes in a generation.

On Saturday April 16 they will be joined by teachers, steelworkers and others marching for Health, Homes, Jobs and Education. A big turnout could create a crisis that the Tories can’t recover from.

The Panama Papers scandal has seen the toppling of the Icelandic prime minister. Make sure you are at the demonstration that could help send Cameron and the Tories on their way.

By Steve Sweeney

  • The People’s Assembly national March for Homes, Health, Jobs, Education is being held on Saturday April 16. Assemble at 1pm, Gower Street / Euston Road, London NW1.

Why I'm supporting the march for health, homes, jobs and education on April 16


We need a better plan for Britain’s future. Six years of devastating cuts have failed to get rid of the deficit, but have hammered front-line services and held back workers’ wages.

This Saturday’s march is about sending a clear message to government. If we don’t invest in health, education and local government, millions of families will face an uncertain future.

If we don’t build more affordable homes, this and future generations millions will be condemned to a life of soaraway rents. And if we don’t create more decent jobs and protect vital industries, like steel, our economy will continue to be reliant on financial services and consumer debt.

We need a recovery that works for all, not just the wealthiest in our society.