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Tuesday 1st
posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

Christian protesters pledge to continue to fight biggest ‘crime against humanity’

CHRISTIAN activists who were arrested after blocking a nuclear base were acquitted in the High Court yesterday — and vowed to continue the fight against the “evil of nuclear weapons.”

Five members of the antinuclear campaign group Put Down the Sword were convicted of wilfuly obstructing the highway after they prevented vehicles from reaching the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Berkshire in June last year.

The group used superglue and lock-on tubes to block access to the site where Trident nuclear missiles are built, saying that the atomic weapons are a “crime against humanity and God.”

The High Court has now overturned the activists’ conviction after Put Down the Sword and members of group Trident Ploughshares network, who were also involved in the protest, appealed the decision.

The activists said that they did not block a public road and only prevented access to a site along a private road, meaning that they could not be convicted of wilfully obstructing a highway.

At the court yesterday Lord Justice Burnett and Sir Wyn Williams ruled that “the prosecution failed to establish by evidence before the District Judge in the course of that single hearing where the boundary [of the public road] lay.”

In a joint statement the defendants said: “We stand by what we said in court: Trident is an illegal and immoral waste of money, a crime against humanity and God.

“The prosecution said we could just have joined in a prayer vigil to the side of the road, instead of lying in it; we said our consciences wouldn’t allow that.

“We believe prayer is important but sometimes our faith compels us to put our whole bodies in the way of injustice and violence.

“The Bible says religious acts are meaningless unless we also stand up for the poor and needy.

“We welcome the verdict today, but whatever the courts say, we will continue to oppose the evil of nuclear weapons.”