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Saturday 26th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

WOMAN’S HOUR host Jane Garvey labelled the BBC “pompous” yesterday and criticised a top boss for leaving women workers across the organisation feeling “deceived.”

Following the release of BBC pay figures which revealed that two-thirds of employees who earn more than £150,000 are men, director of content Charlotte Moore simply talked about addressing “diversity in a broader sense.”

She added that it was something the broadcaster was already aware of “but you can’t say ‘by tomorrow we will have sorted it’.”

Speaking at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, Ms Garvey said: “It seems the top management’s good intentions haven’t filtered down the organisation, or I wouldn’t have heard from women right across the BBC who’ve been fobbed off, deceived or told they’ve picked the ‘wrong comparator’.”

Ms Garvey, who organised a letter from prominent female stars demanding equal pay, urged the BBC to get “its house in order.”

She said: “I wish people would stop lumping women in with ‘diversity’.

“Whether we’re black, white, brown or pink with green spots we’re the majority. And we deserve to be valued in the same way as men. For our brains, our experience and our expertise.”

She also cautioned that the pay discrepancy would put off young women from working for the broadcaster.

Ms Moore also said: “The BBC are right to be at the vanguard of this, but my God, we need other broadcasters and other institutions to follow suit, this is a big cultural issue, we all need to do it.”