8 Days Remaining

Tuesday 15th
posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

JEREMY CORBYN blasted the Tories yesterday on his continuing tour of marginal seats, talking bread-and-butter issues with locals in Reading and Milton Keynes while PM Theresa May put her feet up in her FOURTH week of holiday.

The Labour leader said that as soon as his party is returned to power he will set up a new department of housing to bring an end to the housing crisis.

“Here in Milton Keynes, like so many towns and cities across the country, the cost of housing is skyrocketing — house prices have gone up 50 per cent in five years.

“Housing should be about homes for the many, not investment opportunities for the few,” he blasted, repeating Labour’s plan to build half a million new homes.

The Conservatives held Reading West with a majority of 2,876 and Milton Keynes North with 1,915 votes in June’s snap election.

In Reading, Mr Corbyn met with councillor Rachel Eden and visited residents, including Carol Woolford at her home to talk about fuel poverty.

Both towns are within commuting distance of London — with many residents set to be stung by yet another fare rise after years of increases that have outpaced wage growth.

“Labour will bring down fares by returning our rail system to public ownership, putting more money in people’s pockets and making sure our railways are run in the interests of people, not profit,” he told people in Milton Keynes.

“The Conservative government has spent seven years giving tax breaks to the wealthy, who don’t need them, while making it harder for most people in our country to make ends meet.

“The government has no plan to help people struggling to get by,” he said.

“Labour is campaigning right across our country this summer, putting forward our plan for a country that works for the many not the few.”

Mr Corbyn also reiterated Labour policies of introducing a real living wage of £10 an hour, scrapping the public-sector pay cap and bringing public services back into public hands to keep household costs down.

Similar trips into Tory marginal seats are planned by Labour for this week in the north-west of England, including Copeland, which was snatched from Labour by the Conservatives in a by-election earlier this year.

Mr Corbyn is expected to spend next week in Scotland and hold rallies in seats held by the SNP.