12 Days Remaining

Saturday 23rd
posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

THERESA MAY’S decision to drag Britain’s banking system into her xenophobic hunt for “illegal” immigrants was slammed yesterday by campaign group Global Justice Now.

The Prime Minister has declared her intention to create a “hostile environment” for illegal immigrants, among whom she includes people who overstay their visas and asylum-seekers who have been refused refuge.

The government has already ordered schools, universities and the NHS to carry out identity checks on pupils, students and patients to discover whether any are illegal immigrants.

Now Ms May is ordering banks and building societies to carry out checks on 70 million customers. Any who are found to be in Britain without permission will have their accounts frozen.

Global Justice Now — formerly the World Development Movement — criticised the decision as “destructive mania.”

Aisha Dodwell, a migration campaigner with the group, said: “After having unleashed cruel and unnecessary checks against migrants in schools, universities and hospitals, now Theresa May is forcing banks to become part of her xenophobic ‘hostile environment.’

“This destructive mania aimed at making the daily lives of people from often quite marginalised communities even more untenable serves no purpose other than to pander to certain currents of racist populism in society.

“But it’s not only migrants that will suffer as a result of these measures, as everyone in the UK will have to deal with the consequences of the surveillance state being increasingly entrenched in our lives.”

The checks by banks and building societies are expected to start in January.