13 Days Remaining

Thursday 12th
posted by James Tweedie in World

MORE than 5,000 South African shop workers ended a two-week strike yesterday at global wholesale giant Makro after winning a pay rise.

The Saccawu union announced the two-year, inflation-busting pay deal, which will see workers who are currently on as little as 5,000 rand (£280) per month get an 8 per cent rise or 600 rand (£33) per month, whichever is greatest.

South Africa’s CPI inflation rate is currently running at just under 5 per cent.

And in a victory over zero-hours culture, workers will be guaranteed a minimum of 150 hours a month work from November 1.

Temporary agency workers will also be taken on permanently and get an 8.5 per cent boost to their hourly rate — adding up to just three rand or 17p an hour — increasing to 9 per cent in the second year.

Saccawu spokesman Lucas Ramathlodi said: “The union salutes members for being resolute and disciplined during their two week strike.”

And he thanked the Cosatu federation and its affiliates for their “concrete” solidarity and global federation UNI for joining the Johannesburg picket line.

Both Saccawu and the South African Police Service had earlier scotched Makro management claims that pickets attacked shoppers during the strike.

Mr Ramathlodi paid special tribute to one unnamed Makro customer who “pledged her support to workers and called on the company to treat them with decency” at the picket line in the south Johannesburg suburb of Germiston.

“This clearly proves that workers united will never be defeated,” he said.