10 Days Remaining

Saturday 17th
posted by Joana Ramiro in Britain

“BIGOT” David Starkey was deemed unfit for television by equality campaigners yesterday after his latest racist blunder on BBC Question Time.

During a debate on free speech after last week’s events in Paris, Mr Starkey addressed Huffington Post UK political director Mehdi Hasan as “Ahmed.”

The gaffe, which was swiftly rectified by Mr Hasan, caused a fibre-optic freakout with hundreds calling the historian a “bigot,” “Islamophobic” and an “idiot” online.

And yesterday Operation Black Vote director Simon Woolley told the Star Mr Starkey’s comments were unacceptable — but unsurprising.

“David Starkey proved himself to be a thoroughly nasty man which first came to light during the 2011 riots,” he said.

“He seemed to think only black people who speak like David Lammy are worth something and ‘black culture’ is poisoning white youths.”

“His remarks to Mehdi Hasan, like his demeanour towards Islam and black people, should not be tolerated on national television,” he added.

“The David Starkey style of freedom of speech only serves to throw abuse and sow the seed of hatred.”

Mr Hasan himself was quick to rebuff both Mr Starkey’s faux pas and his remarks that “Islam is now primitive, backward.”

“I’m not going to take lessons from a man who blamed the London riots on black culture, and blames sex crimes on Pakistani culture and now blames terrorism on Islam,” Mr Hasan told the audience.

Turning his attention to Mr Starkey, he added: “You’re basically Katie Hopkins with a PhD, you just troll for a living.”

Later Mr Hasan commented on the events on social media, including a cheeky Tweet reading: “#jesuisahmed @bbcquestiontime.”