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Saturday 19th
posted by Conrad Landin in Britain

BAYING HACKS should lay off an airport worker who had a row with Jeremy Clarkson, transport unions said yesterday.

Check-in agent Manuel Pereira was thrust into the spotlight when the bigoted TV presenter went public over a brouhaha at Stuttgart airport.

Mr Clarkson claimed that Mr Pereira had told him: “I’m from Argentina, so fuck you,” which he said was a reference to a diplomatic incident that the Top Gear crew faced in 2014. A car with the numberplate H982 FKL was perceived as a reference to the 1982 Falklands war.

Mr Clarkson described the airport worker as an “ignorant little worm” and said German police had considered the incident a “hate crime.”

But it later emerged that Mr Clarkson, who has quit the BBC for new Amazon Video show The Grand Tour, had missed repeated boarding calls and arrived too late. The incident happened after he had sulked over a chicken wrap in the departure lounge, according to reports.

Police also told the press that there had been “no hate crime,” while Mr Pereira, who is Spanish, said he had been “polite and professional.”

Now Mr Pereira’s union has weighed in. Ver.di national officer for air transport Katharina Wesenick said: “He is being photographed and hounded at work.

“Mr Pereira does not have a TV series to promote, he just wants to get on with his job quietly and efficiently. On behalf of Mr Pereira, we would ask the press to act responsibly and cease this unjust harassment.

“If the press have any questions, I suggest they put them to Jeremy Clarkson.”

International Transport Federation president Paddy Crumlin said Mr Clarkson had “unleashed a torrent of unbelievable abuse and now disproven allegations.”

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