9 Days Remaining

Friday 14th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

LABOUR accused the Tories yesterday of failing to tackle racism in public services after the government delayed the publication of an “explosive” report into the issue.

Shadow diverse communities minister Dawn Butler urged PM Theresa May to release the findings of a Whitehall audit on racial disparities in the public sector, which had been due to be released in the summer.

But because senior figures have been “so shocked” by the findings its release has been delayed until September.

Ms Butler wrote to Ms May to say the release of the information was “vital to building public trust,” which has been damaged following the Grenfell Tower fire and the suspension of Tory MP Anne Marie Morris for using racist language at a debate about Brexit.

The audit report was commissioned by Ms May in August 2016, with Whitehall departments being asked to publish information showing how outcomes vary for people from different backgrounds in a range of areas including health, education and employment.

Downing Street described the audit of public services as unprecedented and promised that the first data would be released by the summer, however no information has been published.

In Ms Butler’s letter she said: “According to reports, the reason for the delay is because the findings are ‘explosive’.”

She continued: “I therefore simply ask, what has changed? Are the truths so difficult that you no longer want to shine a light on them?”

A government spokesman said: “This is hugely important, which is why we are taking the time to get it right and ensure we can act on the findings.

“We remain committed to addressing these issues head-on and will be publishing the results of the audit in the autumn.”