12 Days Remaining

Monday 23rd
posted by Conrad Landin in Britain

LABOUR would “break up” media ownership to thwart the dominance of right-wing newspaper proprietors, John McDonnell hinted yesterday.

The shadow chancellor branded the press’s reaction to Jeremy Corbyn’s massive victory in the Labour leadership election “a disgrace.”

He spoke of how newspapers had targeted his friends and family since he had moved to the front bench and suggested leftwingers use “our own media” to get round the dominance of Tory rags.

“This last seven weeks that we’ve been in administration, the media assault on us has been, I think, a disgrace,” he blasted.

“I’ve never been comfortable with the way media ownership is in this country, but it does mean, to be frank, we have to commit ourselves now to media reform … break up the ownership of our media.”

He said newspapers had unleashed their vitriol on Ed Miliband because he had challenged the power of media barons.

Mr Corbyn’s predecessor won plaudits for challenging the cosy relationship between privileged Prime Minister David Cameron and News International proprietor Rupert Murdoch following revelations over phone-hacking.

Mr McDonnell called for Labour to recognise that very few people now trust the written media.

“Can I say one way you get round it… is to create our own media,” he said.

He revealed that the Labour leadership was increasingly using live interviews to get its message across in a bid to avoid “pre-records that can get stitched up.”