11 Days Remaining

Saturday 12th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

VICTIMS of the Grenfell Tower disaster have branded relief efforts “terrible,” with their concerns remaining unaddressed two months on.

At a meeting for residents on Wednesday night, Kensington and Chelsea council leader Elizabeth Campbell was repeatedly heckled, booed and accused of failing to give straight answers.

One resident said offers of “unsuitable housing” remained a problem, a complaint which was echoed by several residents, including one woman who demanded to know when social housing would be made available for families with children.

She also told of residents living in fear, having received racist abuse online.

Another branded it “unacceptable” that some people have still not been assigned a key worker, asking: “How much longer do people have to suffer in order to get it right?”

Ms Campbell at one point simply mentioned “plans to improve the estate hugely.”

But one woman told councillors: “If you’re coming to this meeting, come prepared, with a strategy. Don’t fob us off. We’re a community of integrity.”

Residents accused Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation at the meeting of “hiding.”

Several residents reported suffering respiratory problems and said that local GPs had talked of a “Grenfell cough.” They accused the council of ignoring the issue and living behind “filters.”

Steven Pretty, who lives 40 yards from the burnt-out tower, said he has suffered significant chest pain ever since the blaze on June 14.

Executive manager of the site Michael Lockwood told residents that scaffolding and protective wrap is due to be applied to the shell in the next few weeks.

Labour MP Kate Osamor said: “It is totally unacceptable that, eight weeks since the Grenfell Tower fire, only 14 families have been permanently rehoused.”