10 Days Remaining

Saturday 16th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

by Felicity Collier

THE Home Office has ignored two court orders demanding the return of a terrified asylum-seeker who was deported to Afghanistan this week and fears he will be beheaded by the Taliban.

Samim Bigzad, 22, was still holed up in a hotel room in Kabul yesterday after he was deported on Tuesday despite a last-minute ruling from the High Court ordering his return to Britain.

Mr Bigzad had been living in Margate, Kent, where he had cared for his father who suffers from PTSD after escaping torture by the Taliban. He claims he is a prime target for the Taliban because he worked in construction for the Afghan government and US companies before coming to Britain.

The Home Offi ce has promised to return the aslyum seeker but has yet to do so, his lawyer told the Star yesterday.

Jamie Bell of Duncan Lewis solicitors said the government has now ignored two court orders for his return, with a third made on Thursday night.

“We sent the Home Office a strongly worded email and we have ordered them to liaise with us, and they have absolutely not done that,” he added. “We’re very concerned that the Home Office are not complying.”

The lawyer said that Mr Bigzad is scared for his life and has been advised not to leave his hotel room because a car was spotted driving around outside the premises and a group of plain-clothed men with guns had also demanded to know his whereabouts.

Bridget Chapman from campaign group Kent Anti-Racism Network told the Star yesterday that Home Secretary Amber Rudd had “applied to the court to have the previous two court orders overturned.”

The second order states that Ms Rudd is in contempt of court for breaching the first order not to remove Mr Bigzad.

“We are still waiting to see if she [Ms Rudd] will continue to defy the court orders. She seems to think she is above the law. She is not,” Ms Chapman said.

At a demonstration outside the Home Office in Westminster on Thursday night, the activist said campaigners who had spoken to Mr Bagzid claimed he was mistreated while being deported.

She said: “He was crying and struggling and he was gagged so he couldn’t say anything and when he tried to call out he was punched in the head.”

Green Party deputy leader Amelia Womack also joined protesters outside the Home Office. She attacked the government’s cruel immigration policies saying they are “not people-centred.”

“If the Home Office can send someone to their death, they’ve got no consideration for people’s lives,” she added.