7 Days Remaining

Wednesday 22nd
posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

THE TUC called on clothing retail conglomerates yesterday to contribute to a disaster fund set up for the families of victims of Bangladesh’s Rana Plaza disaster two years ago.

Almost 1,200 workers, most of them young women, died when the Rana Plaza factory collapsed on April 24 2013 in the Savar district of the capital Dhaka.

The factory manufactured clothing which was sold in big-name high-street stores across Europe, including Britain.

The United Nations was involved in launching a fund to compensate the families of victims, and companies which benefited from the factory’s production were called on to donate. A target of $30 million (£20m) was set.

But some firms are still holding out against donating to the fund.

The TUC demanded yesterday that they pay their share, pointing out that, while almost 30 companies have publicly disclosed donations and others have donated anonymously, $7m (£4.7m) still needs to be raised.

“It is shameful that, two years after the Rana Plaza factory collapsed, some companies still have not donated adequately to the compensation fund,” said general secretary Frances O’Grady.

“Workers and their families urgently need this money to pay medical fees and rebuild their lives after this horrific event. “Companies have a moral obligation to put the livelihoods of those who make their clothes in Bangladesh first.”

The TUC has contributed £16,000 to the Rana Plaza Fund, which is administered by the International Labour Organisation.