8 Days Remaining

Saturday 6th
posted by Kadeem Simmonds in Sport

Steve Murphy gave evidence to the Council of Europe yesterday regarding the continued exploitation of migrant construction workers in Qatar.

Construction union Ucatt general secretary Murphy challenged Fifa president Sepp Blatter to actually visit the World Cup sites in Qatar alongside Ucatt and witness first-hand the conditions workers are forced to work under.

He also believed that the 2022 World Cup should be used as the catalyst to end the plight of migrant construction workers.

Fifa, Uefa and the International Labour Organisation were present as Murphy gave evidence.

Murphy said: “Fifa cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the appalling abuses of migrant workers in Qatar who will be increasingly employed on World Cup projects.

“Sepp Blatter has a moral duty to visit the labour camps where these workers live in appalling conditions.”

Last month, Murphy condemned the decision to award Qatar the 2019 Athletics World Championships, saying it was a “terrible reflection on the world of sport.”

Thousands of workers have been forced to work in atrocious safety conditions under “kafala” — a system where employers sponsor migrant workers and control their visa status.

Before a ball is kicked in 2022, it is believed that at least 4,000 workers could die —based on the 1,200 deaths reported by Indian and Nepalese embassies back in March.

Earlier in the week, Blatter said Fifa had no responsibility for the way migrant workers are being treated in Qatar saying: “In Qatar they are working in big companies from Germany, from France, from England and from other European countries and they are responsible of their workers and not Fifa.”

It is estimated that 29,000 workers are being treated like slaves and yet Blatter continues to refuse to move the tournament from the region, despite there being claims of corruption regar