17 Days Remaining

Wednesday 13th
posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

UNIVERSITY bosses are pocketing payouts 25 times more than the wages of low-paid workers who clean their offices, Unison revealed yesterday.

Front-line staff are struggling to survive on poverty wages yet their fat-cat bosses are living in free homes on average salaries of £244,000, with as bills paid for.

London Metropolitan University former vice-chancellor Malcolm Gillies received £618,000 last year, plus £159,000 when he left the job five months early.

Craig Calhoun, paid £394,000 as vice-chancellor of London School of Economics, has his bills, furnishings, house and private medical insurance paid for.

Information about fat-cat salaries paid to university vice-chancellors was revealed through a Freedom of Information request from public-service union Unison.

It comes as workers from universities in Yorkshire and the Humber will lobby MPs over the huge pay gap.

Unison Yorkshire and the Humber regional organiser Leonie Sharp said: “In Yorkshire and Humber universities, vice-chancellors have been awarded 39 per cent pay rises while most staff have been offered just 1 per cent and most universities have failed to sign up to the living wage (£8.25 an hour).

“They also live in grace and favour homes, cleaned and catered for by our members on the lowest pay possible.

“It cannot be justified that one person gets paid hundreds of thousands a year and have their pensions topped up while those (usually women) who serve them cannot take home enough to live on.”