9 Days Remaining

Tuesday 31st
posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

A BRITISH man has been charged with being a member of Isis in Syria, Kurdish officials confirmed yesterday.

Oxford-born Jack Letts travelled to Syria in 2014 and was captured by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in May this year. He is accused of fighting alongside the terror cult.

Mr Letts is believed to have converted to Islam while at school and travelled to the Middle East after dropping out of his A-levels.

His parents denied that he had joined Isis and say that the British government has not done enough to help their son. They claimed to have not received information as to whether he was still alive.

The couple conducted a week-long hunger strike in protest against government inaction. They pleaded not guilty to charges of funding terrorism after being accused of transferring money to Mr Letts.

In a statement given to the Star yesterday, the European representative of Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, Sinam Mohamad, said Mr Letts’s case is still under investigation.

She confirmed that he is being treated in accordance with the Geneva Convention and human rights law.

Ms Mohamad said: “Jack Letts’s parents have been informed and reassured about his well-being and had been permitted regular contact with Jack on a weekly basis since he was detained.”

The statement dismissed claims Mr Letts was being tortured. It accuses his parents of trying to “manipulate the facts and reality.”

Ms Mohamad said Mr Letts was under investigation by local and global anti-terror units.
The Foreign Office said it could not provide consular support to Britons in Syria.
Ministers have previously said that Britain should just kill citizens that have allegedly joined Isis, instead of trying to bring them to justice.