• Fake fawning for fetid firms

    Labour's business manifestos have seldom been inspiring, but Ed Miliband managed to strike some of the right notes yesterday.

    The leaders of all Britain's major parties remain wedded to an...

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  • Ever-bloodier war in Syria

    THE fall of the Syrian town of Idlib to armed religious extremists led by the Nusra Front shows that the civil war in that country is increasingly desperate.

    Coming so soon after the same...

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  • Mixed bag from Miliband

    ED MILIBAND'S pledge during Labour's election campaign launch to "halt the tide of privatisation" in Britain's health service is welcome in putting some clear red water between his party and the...

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  • Book Review: Songs from our dark times

    WRITING in his Danish exile in the late 1930s, the German poet and playwright Bertolt Brecht famously posed the question: “In the dark times/Will there also be singing?” His answer was:...

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  • A comic Dream

    PAUL FOLEY enjoys a gloriously inventive staging of Shakespeare’s fairy tale at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool A Midsummer Night’s Dream Everyman Theatre, Liverpool 5/5...

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  • Dispatches from the world war

    Matt Kennard has written an excellent account of the global battle against capitalism’s crimes, says STEVE ANDREW The Racket: A Rogue Reporter Versus the Masters of the Universe by Matt Kennard...

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