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NOT MUCH to see here, unfortunately, comrades as there wasn’t any post at the weekend. But no matter, we’re remaining positive as things aren’t looking too bad and we’re still only a week or so into the month. The future for Calamity May, however, isn’t looking quite so rosy. With certain Tories queuing up to take over, Brexit negotiations falling apart quicker than a Conservative Conference stage prop, it’s really time for the left to up the ante and show those in any doubt just how dreadful these people are. And you know exactly where to start, don’t you comrades? That’s right, by donating to the only daily newspaper which defends the working class, trade unions and most vulnerable in society and exposes the lies of the greedy and the right wing. The success of the Scottish Morning Star conference (reported on page 5) shows just how important this paper is for the movement. So many thanks to all those of you who were able to attend and for the excellent speakers we had. Donating to the fund is of course not the only way to help this paper survive — for those of you who are able to attend, there will be a Star fundraiser at north London’s Constitution pub on Saturday October 14. Not only will there be some great music from Lily Gaskell, Potent Whisper will be treating us to some fine spoken word. Do come if you can!

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The rich don’t like us, and they don’t advertise with us, so we rely on you, our readers and friends. With a regular donation to our monthly Fighting Fund, we can continue to thumb our noses at the fat cats and tell truth to power. Donate today and make a regular contribution...