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  • We must present a genuine left alternative

    JOANNA SCHERINGER-WRIGHT of Germany’s Die Linke party talks to John Foster about the difficulties of working with the Social Democrats and the need to form a concrete policy on the EU

    Monday 24th Oct 2016

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  • Germany: Terror suspect’s death in jail sparks calls for explanations

    GERMAN authorities and lawyers demanded answers yesterday after a Syrian refugee arrested on suspicion of plotting a bomb attack apparently strangled himself to death in his prison cell.

    Prison governor Rolf Jacob told reporters in Dresden that Jaber Albakr had tied his shirt to the...

    Friday 14th Oct 2016

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  • Germany: Top court rejects bid for injunction against Ceta

    GERMANY’S highest court refused to grant a injunction against the secretive EU-Canada free trade deal in cases brought by thousands of citizens yesterday.

    The Federal Constitutional Court rejected the complaints against the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (Ceta). Tens...

    Friday 14th Oct 2016

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  • Germany: Refugee ‘bomb plotter’ nabbed by fellow Syrians

    SYRIAN terrorism suspect Jaber Albakr was arrested yesterday after three of his compatriots apprehended him and alerted German police.

    Mr Albakr was arrested shortly after midnight in Leipzig, some 50 miles from Chemnitz, where he had evaded authorities on Saturday after they found...

    Tuesday 11th Oct 2016

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  • Deutshe Bank shares sink to new record low amid crash fears

    by Our Foreign Desk

    SHARES in Germany’s giant Deutshe Bank dipped briefly below €10 (£8.65) yesterday amid growing fears of a new financial crisis.

    The latest slump in the bank’s shares was prompted by reports that 10 major hedge funds were divesting to...

    Saturday 1st Oct 2016

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  • Police intervene to rescue refugees from far-right mob

    by Our Foreign Desk

    POLICE in the German town of Bautzen said yesterday they were forced to defend refugees from a far-right mob.

    Spokesman Thomas Knaup said around 80 Germans and 20 refugees had started fighting on Wednesday night in a market square in the town near...

    Friday 16th Sep 2016

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  • Massive Kurdish rally demands Ocalan’s release

    by Our Foreign Desk
    TENS of thousands of Kurds from across Germany and Europe rallied in Cologne on Saturday demanding freedom for jailed liberation fighter Abdullah Ocalan.
    More than 1,000 police were drafted in after organisers were prevented from using the local football stadium,...

    Monday 5th Sep 2016

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  • EU commissioner: ‘I wouldn’t bet on Brexit’

    GERMANY’s European Union commissioner Guenther Oettinger jeered yesterday that he wouldn’t bet on Brexit, predicting economic disaster for Britain.

    Mr Oettinger told German daily Bild he assumed June’s referendum victory for the Leave campaign was...

    Wednesday 31st Aug 2016

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  • Bill asks women who they slept with

    GERMANY: A draft Bill proposed by the Justice Ministry would force women to say “who they slept with during the time of conception” if asked by a man paying child support.
    Justice Minister Heiko Maas, a Social Democrat, hailed the Bill yesterday as providing legal certainty...

    Tuesday 30th Aug 2016

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  • Poland backs EU security council

    GERMANY: Polish Foreign Minister Witold Wszczykowski lent his support to a Franco-German proposal for a European security council yesterday.
    The idea was floated by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and French counterpart Jean-Marc Ayrault in June to address internal and...

    Monday 29th Aug 2016

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