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  • China: Beijing blasts Mattis for upping ante over islands

    BEIJING accused Washington at the weekend of putting regional stability in east Asia at risk, following inflammatory remarks by US Defence Secretary James Mattis.

    Mr Mattis had said that a US commitment to defend Japanese territory applied to an island group claimed by both Japan and...

    Monday 6th Feb 2017

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  • Tusk lists threats to EU: Isis, Russia, China and Trump

    EUROPEAN UNION president Donald Tusk said yesterday that new United States President Donald Trump poses as much of a threat to the bloc as Russia, China and Islamic extremism.

    In a letter to 27 EU leaders preceding Friday’s summit in Malta, Mr Tusk mentioned the Trump...

    Wednesday 1st Feb 2017

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  • The US faces a China conundrum

    While the US is busy putting up Trump’s Great Wall of Mexico, China is steadily and successfully building bridges across continents, Kenny Coyle reports from the region

    Saturday 28th Jan 2017

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  • China to limit teams to three foreigners each

    The Chinese Football Association announced reforms yesterday which will see only three non-national players per game allowed to be fielded by Super League clubs.

    Several high-profile players have joined the Chinese Super League following bigmoney transfers, with Carlos Tevez reported...

    Tuesday 17th Jan 2017

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  • China: Threats by Tillerson fail to wind up Beijing

    CHINA has stressed mutual respect and co-operation with the United States in response to hawkish bluster from Donald Trump’s secretary of statedesignate Rex Tillerson.

    Mr Tillerson told his confirmation hearing on Wednesday that the Trump administration would block Chinese access...

    Friday 13th Jan 2017

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  • China: Beijing mayor unveils action to fight city’s smog problem

    BEIJING’S acting Mayor Cai Qi unveiled a new environmental police squad at the weekend to root out illegal burning in the city.

    The announcement marked the latest official response to widespread public anger over persistent problems with smog.

    Mr Cai told a public meeting...

    Monday 9th Jan 2017

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  • Tevez to earn £65 a minute in move to China

    Former Manchester City and Manchester United striker Carlos Tevez has joined Chinese Super League club Shanghai Greenland Shenhua, where he will earn over £600,000 a week.

    The Chinese club announced the signing of Tevez from Argentinian side Boca Juniors in a statement on their...

    Friday 30th Dec 2016

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  • View from a Chinese Marxist perspective

    Professor DENG CHUNDONG, president of the Institute of Marxism, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, talks to the Star about Fidel’s contributions to developing socialism, and the difficulties ahead for Chinese education

    Thursday 22nd Dec 2016

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  • China: Factories shut and traffic curbed over smog emergency

    CITIES in northern China took emergency action yesterday to combat choking smog, limiting the number of cars allowed on the roads and temporarily closing factories.

    More than 700 companies halted production in Beijing and traffic police restricted drivers by monitoring their licence...

    Tuesday 20th Dec 2016

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  • A nuclear war is not a remote possibility

    JOHN PILGER speaks to Ben Cowles about his new documentary film The Coming War on China and how US foreign policy is rooted in the 19th century

    Tuesday 20th Dec 2016

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