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  • STUC: ‘We will fight to defend our rights’

    PCS Scottish secretary Lynn Henderson condemned the Trade Union Bill as an “overt ideological assault on our members, on our movement and on our class” at the STUC Congress yesterday.

    Speaking at the Morning Star, People’s Assembly and Scottish Left Review fringe...

    Tuesday 19th Apr 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

  • ‘Dying to work’ campaign gets boost

    UNIONS fighting to protect workers diagnosed with terminal illnesses got a boost yesterday as Eon became the first company to support the campaign.

    The German energy giant signed-up to the TUC’s voluntary “dying to work” charter, committing it to support staff who are...

    Tuesday 19th Apr 2016

    posted by Luke James in Britain

  • British firms accused of involvement in migrant worker abuse

    TWO of Britain’s largest construction companies were accused yesterday of abusing migrant labour workers in Qatar.

    Balfour Beatty and Interserve have allegedly carried out a raft of abuses against workers employed on projects the companies co-own in the country.


    Thursday 14th Apr 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

  • The EU is very anti-European

    Many people view the EU as the ultimate defender of our rights – when in fact these rights were hard won by Chartists, Suffragettes and trade unionists, writes DAVID MORGAN

    Monday 11th Apr 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Features

  • Ministers ‘must stand up to gangster Qatar’

    by Our Sports Desk

    MINISTERS must finally condemn the “gangster state” of Qatar and act to stop human rights abuses in the country, trade unionists charged yesterday after evidence against the World Cup host mounted.

    An Amnesty International report on...

    Saturday 2nd Apr 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Sport

  • World Cup Hell

    Qatar stadium workers say ‘life is like a prison’

    Friday 1st Apr 2016

    posted by Kadeem Simmonds in Sport

  • Qatar faces ILO rights inquiry

    by Our Sports Desk

    QATAR has 12 months to “end the use of modern slavery” and overhaul its workers’ rights laws or else face a international inquiry into the shocking conditions in the Gulf despotism.

    The International Labour Organisation (ILO) issued...

    Saturday 26th Mar 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Sport

  • No time to entrust Britain’s future to a bureaucratic finance-capital cabal

    JOHN HAYLETT explains why he believes the only sensible vote in the referendum for trade unionists and socialists is to withdraw from the EU

    Saturday 27th Feb 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Features

  • EU membership bars socialism

    AS THE dust settles on the Prime Minister’s much-vaunted “renegotiation” of the terms on which he hopes Britain will remain a member of the European Union, the media have quickly moved on to the soap opera of which leading Tories will end up on which side.

    Pundits can...

    Monday 22nd Feb 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Editorial

  • Blood and Squalor in Qatar

    WHAT happens when workers live in fear and are denied a collective voice was made painfully clear to me in Qatar.

    Our beautiful game that is football is being stained by the blood and misery of hundreds of thousands of workers who are treated no better than slaves.


    Saturday 6th Feb 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Features