20 Days Remaining
  • Zenophobic view of corporate machinations in Antarctica

    The Lamentations of Zeno
    by Ilija Trojanow
    (Verso, £12.99)

    ZENO HINTERMEIER is hemmed in by the contradictions of his life.

    As expedition leader on the Hansen, a modern ship of fools, he operates largely...

    Monday 27th Jun 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Arts

  • Cartwright puts iron in the soul of industrial decline

    Iron Towns
    by Anthony Cartwright
    (Serpent’s Tail, £12.99)

    ANTHONY CARTWRIGHT’S previous novel How I Killed Margaret Thatcher provided a child’s–eye view of the chaos visited on a Midlands town during the massive anti-working class onslaught of...

    Wednesday 8th Jun 2016

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  • Beautiful game plan

    Tim Hartley’s decision to globetrot in search of football in faraway places is a winner, says PAUL SIMON

    Monday 6th Jun 2016

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  • Benjamin the storyteller a revelation

    The Storyteller
    by Walter Benjamin
    (Verso, £12.99)

    THE USUAL qualification of Walter Benjamin as an inter-war Marxist cultural commentator has often been derogatively employed by liberals and their fellow-travelling right-wingers.

    Yet Benjamin’s studies of...

    Saturday 21st May 2016

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  • Revelatory readings of the Spanish civil war

    Paul Simon reviews ¡No Pasaran! by Pete Ayrton

    Monday 9th May 2016

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  • Myerson’s horror of home truths

    The Stopped Heart
    by Julie Myerson
    (Jonathan Cape, £12.99)

    THIS is anything but an enjoyable book. Yet it is technically highly accomplished and its compelling and brutal psychological honesty make it arguably Julie Myerson’s greatest literary achievement to...

    Saturday 9th Apr 2016

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  • Courageous investigation of working-class racism

    Angry White People: Coming Face-to-face With The British Far Right
    by Hsiao-Hung Pai
    (Zed Books, £12.99)

    HSIAO-HUNG PAI is gaining a well-deserved reputation for in-depth investigations into the lives of those most affected by the growing inequalities inherent in...

    Monday 14th Mar 2016

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  • Hard times in laboratory of nightmare exploitation

    The Boston Castrato
    by Colin W Sargent
    (Barbican Press £9.99)

    TO SAY that The Boston Castrato is Colin W Sargent’s interpretation of the great American novel writ small is no criticism.

    By focusing largely on a specific location in a single year, and...

    Saturday 5th Mar 2016

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  • Witnesses of woe

    Rohini Mohan’s book is a compelling account of Tamils caught up in the the brutal realities of the civil war in Sri Lanka, says PAUL SIMON

    Monday 25th Jan 2016

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  • Noisesome portrait of Shostakovich by a useful idiot for anti-Sovietism

    The Noise of Timeby Julian Barnes (Jonathan Cape, £14.99

    A PRAVDA editorial early in 1936, possibly written by Stalin himself and more probably merely with his knowledge, is the hinge upon which Julian Barnes’s imaginings of Dmitri Shostakovich’s interior life...

    Thursday 21st Jan 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Arts