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  • Blair demands rerun of vote on EU

    FORMER prime minister Tony Blair emerged from the woodwork yesterday to call for a second EU referendum.

    Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Blair claimed there was “absolutely no reason why we should close off any options.”

    While he acknowledged that...

    Saturday 29th Oct 2016

    posted by Zoe Streatfield in Britain

  • Brexit must be steered left

    ON A Mediterranean island, the leaders of Germany, France and Italy are thrashing out their preferred terms for Britain to leave the EU.

    And it should come as no surprise either that teams of City financiers and Whitehall civil servants are working on how they want to play the exit...

    Tuesday 23rd Aug 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Editorial

  • Lawyers pen letter to PM claiming Brexit ‘not legally binding’

    MORE than 1,000 lawyers have penned a letter to David Cameron published today to advise him that the Brexit vote is not legally binding.

    The barristers remind the Prime Minister that the referendum result is “only advisory” as the threshold necessary to leave the EU...

    Monday 11th Jul 2016

    posted by Will Stone in Britain

  • Majority of manufacturing firms believe in Leave

    THE majority of manufacturing companies in Britain believe the country would be better off outside the EU, a survey of almost a thousand firms revealed yesterday.

    However 14 per cent admitted that they could still be persuaded to change their mind about how to vote in the upcoming...

    Thursday 16th Jun 2016

    posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

  • Fears about EU are real

    REPORTS of barely controlled panic about the EU referendum at Labour Party HQ should come as no surprise.

    The shadow cabinet and party full-time staff know that the result now depends on delivering Labour supporters for a Remain vote.

    Yet they also know, because Labour Party...

    Wednesday 15th Jun 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Editorial

  • Full house hears left-wing arguments for leaving EU

    MEMBERS of the public packed out the People’s History Museum in Salford, Greater Manchester, at the weekend to hear a string of speakers lambast the European Union as a capitalist club.

    Speakers aligned with the Communist Party, the Socialist Workers Party and a Labour MP united...

    Monday 13th Jun 2016

    posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

  • TUC: Brexit = £38 a week pay cut

    WORKERS will be hit by a £38-a-week cut in wages if Britain votes to leave the EU, claims a report published today by the TUC.

    The study predicts that manufacturing will go into a “steep decline” affecting jobs as well as pay.

    TUC general secretary Frances...

    Wednesday 1st Jun 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

  • Democratic EU is ‘vital’

    McDonnell lauds the ‘left opportunity’ of Camp Remain

    Monday 30th May 2016

    posted by Joana Ramiro in Britain

  • Workers’ rights the key – not ‘immigrant scare’

    LEFT campaigners against the EU put workers’ rights at the centre of the debate yesterday after a former Tory defence secretary used immigration to promote Brexit.

    Liam Fox promised voters that immigration into Britain could be cut by tens of thousands if they voted to leave the...

    Monday 30th May 2016

    posted by Will Stone in Britain

  • Why the EU is a negation of parliamentary sovereignty and democracy

    #LEXIT: the Left Leave Campaign chair ROBERT GRIFFITHS explains why socialists, trade unionists and democrats should oppose the European Union

    Thursday 12th May 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Features