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  • World in brief: 19.6.17

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    Monday 19th Jun 2017

    posted by Morning Star in World

  • Transport unions hit out at Trump’s order for threatening jobs

    GLOBAL transport unions attacked US President Donald Trump yesterday for causing airline chaos following his travel ban on citizens of seven majority-Muslim nations.

    International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) president Paddy Crumlin said the executive order denying visas to...

    Thursday 2nd Feb 2017

    posted by Morning Star in World

  • Global unions hail tax avoidance leak

    GLOBAL trade unions welcomed yesterday the revelations of corporate tax avoidance in the Panama Papers leak.

    International Transport Workers’ Federation general secretary Stephen Cotton drew the link between Panama’s position as a tax haven and a maritime flag of...

    Friday 8th Apr 2016

    posted by James Tweedie in World

  • Latin America: Transport unions slam DHL’s abuse of workers

    THE International Transport Federation (ITF) accused logistics giant DHL yesterday of abusing workers in Latin America.

    An ITF report entitled Breaking the Code exposes serious abuses and failings in the way the German-based multinational behaves in Chile, Colombia and Panama.


    Saturday 5th Mar 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

  • Spain: Union slams Prestige oil spill sentence

    THE International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) yesterday condemned the scapegoating of an elderly sea captain for the 2002 Spanish Prestige oil spill.

    Greek Captain Apostolos Mangouras, now in his eighties, was convicted of recklessness in the disaster by Spain’s...

    Friday 29th Jan 2016

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  • Australia: Unions hit out at non-payment of sailors’ wages

    by Our Foreign Desk

    THE International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) accused transnational Alcoa yesterday of non-payment of sailors’ wages — a day after it ejected protesting crew from another ship.

    The ITF said it was investigating non-payment...

    Saturday 16th Jan 2016

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  • Unions condemn leaked Trade in Services pact

    TWO international trade union federations reacted angrily yesterday to leaked details of a controversial trade pact.

    WikiLeaks published texts from the Trade in Services Agreement to coincide with the latest round of secret inter­governmental talks on the deal.


    Friday 4th Dec 2015

    posted by James Tweedie in World

  • Leaked pact ‘a continuing threat to maritime pay’

    NEWLY released Trade in Services Agreement (Tisa) documents show the treaty is “a continuing threat to sea­farers’ wages and conditions,” the International Transport ­Workers Federation (ITF) said yesterday.

    “The latest release confirms the hazards...

    Friday 3rd Jul 2015

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  • Unions welcome efforts to stop migrants dying at sea

    by James Tweedie

    TRANSPORT unions gave a warm welcome yesterday to moves to rescue migrants at sea, while urging that the root causes of the crisis be tackled.

    The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) statement came amid ongoing refugee crises in the...

    Wednesday 27th May 2015

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  • Unions urge sailor HIV action

    by James Tweedie

    WORLDWIDE transport unions urged action over HIV-Aids among sailors yesterday, after a survey revealed that myths about the disease still prevailed.

    A survey of 34 trade unions and 608 seafarers entitled A Broader Vision of Seafarer Wellbeing was...

    Tuesday 12th May 2015

    posted by Morning Star in World