10 Days Remaining
  • Finsbury Park attacker charged with terrorism

    A MAN suspected of deliberately driving a van into Muslims in north London appeared in court on charges of terrorism-related murder and attempted murder yesterday.

    Darren Osborne, who is 47 and from Cardiff, was arrested shortly after the attack in the early hours of Monday.


    Saturday 24th Jun 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

  • Finsbury Park attack has roots in Tory policy

    SEARCHING questions must be asked about the latest outburst of violence on our streets.
    Nothing can minimise nor justify nor excuse the actions of the hate-filled fanatic who targeted a group of people going about their business near the Finsbury Park Mosque in north London for the reason...

    Tuesday 20th Jun 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Editorial

  • London: Protests over exploited city wardens

    WORKERS and the local community will unite today to spam a London business forum in response to its forcing unemployed people to work unpaid as city wardens as part of a workfare scheme.

    Wardens at Finsbury Park station in north London are being required to work 30 hours a week...

    Thursday 18th Jun 2015

    posted by Joana Ramiro in Britain