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  • Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic face courts over snub to refugees

    EU BOSSES launched legal proceedings against the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland yesterday for their refusal to take in designated shares of refugees.

    Most refugees fleeing war and genocide in the Middle East have arrived in Greece or Italy, and the EU proposal to relocate 160,000...

    Thursday 15th Jun 2017

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  • Poland: Gays rights marchers stand up to intolerance

    TENS of thousands of people marched and danced through the streets of central Warsaw at the weekend during the city’s 17th annual Equality Parade.

    The marchers, estimated at 50,000 by organisers and 13,000 by police, appealed for stronger defiance of discrimination and greater...

    Monday 5th Jun 2017

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  • Poland: ‘Freedom’ march protests at government authoritianism

    TENS of thousands of Poles marched through Warsaw at the weekend in protest at the far-right government’s authoritarian policies.

    Speakers at Saturday’s “march of freedom” slammed the Law and Justice Party administration’s attacks on the independent...

    Monday 8th May 2017

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  • Poland hits out at Macron over Putin comparison

    POLAND condemned yesterday insults from neoliberal French presidential favourite Emmanuel Macron.

    At a campaign rally on Monday, Mr Macron accused the leaders of Poland, Hungary and Russia of supporting far-right National Front candidate Marine Le Pen.

    “You know the...

    Wednesday 3rd May 2017

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  • Poland: Tusk testifies to Russian collusion probe

    EUROPEAN Council president Donald Tusk testified in an probe into alleged intelligence collusion with Russia in his native Poland yesterday.

    A few hundred supporters and opponents gathered at Warsaw’s main railway station as he arrived earlier in the day.

    Mr Tusk is a...

    Thursday 20th Apr 2017

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  • Poland: Protesters take on ‘fascist-lite’ crash remembrance services

    ANTI-GOVERNMENT protests will take place in Poland today as state ceremonies mark the anniversary of the Smolensk air crash that killed then president Lech Kaczynski and 94 others in 2010.

    Mr Kaczynski’s twin brother Jaroslav chairs the ruling Law and Justice party and continues...

    Monday 10th Apr 2017

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  • Poland: Education changes fears spark strike

    POLAND’S teachers walked out yesterday in protest at a shake-up of the country’s schools that they fear could lead to thousands of them losing their jobs and the imposition of a right-wing curriculum.

    The Polish Teachers Union (ZNP) said that teachers at about half of the...

    Saturday 1st Apr 2017

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  • Poland: Warsaw will oppose shift to multi-speed EU

    POLAND will fight the idea of a multi-speed European Union at the bloc’s forthcoming anniversary summit, the ruling conservative party’s leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski declared yesterday.

    Leaders from France, Germany, Spain and Italy called earlier this month for groups of...

    Tuesday 21st Mar 2017

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  • Poles seek WWII Ukrainian nazi’s extradition

    POLISH prosecutors said yesterday that they would seek the extradition of a Ukrainian WWII nazi collaborator and war criminal harboured by the United States.

    Michael Karkoc was identified last year as a company commander of the SS-led Ukrainian Self Defence Legion on the basis of...

    Tuesday 14th Mar 2017

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  • Poland protests condemn media clampdown

    Third day of demonstrations over restrictions on free press

    Monday 19th Dec 2016

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