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  • What Britain needs is a people’s Brexit

    The Tories are a zombie government deluded with notions of a bygone, imperial age. It falls to Labour to show the young that another Britain is possible, says MANUEL CORTES

    Monday 26th Jun 2017

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  • EU pledges to help Libya stop migrants

    EUROPEAN Union leaders pledged support for Libya yesterday in a bid to stem the flow of refugees trying to cross the Mediterranean in death-trap people-trafficking boats.

    European Council president Donald Tusk said people-trafficking from Libya to Italy was a major source of...

    Saturday 24th Jun 2017

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  • With Henry VIII powers, May is still a threat

    NICK DEARDEN warns that the PM’s ministers could be on course for sweeping powers to rewrite laws without normal parliamentary scrutiny as Britain leaves the European Union

    Saturday 24th Jun 2017

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  • World in brief: 20.06.17

    Six more in dock in coup backlash

    TURKEY: Newspaper editor Ahmet Altan, his brother Mehmet Altan, an economics professor and writer, and prominent journalist Nazli Ilicak were among people put on trial in Istanbul yesterday on charges relating to last...

    Tuesday 20th Jun 2017

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  • EU approves £7.4bn bailout payment for Greece

    GREECE’S Syriza government hailed the unlocking of more EU bailout money yesterday after the latest austerity cuts.

    European creditors agreed to release the latest tranche of €8.5 billion (£7.4 billion) on Thursday night after weeks of hard bargaining.

    The deal...

    Saturday 17th Jun 2017

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  • Eurozone ministers thrash out terms for next Greece bailout

    EUROZONE finance ministers met today to thrash out terms for Greece’s next slice of bailout loans.

    Greece needs another €7 billion (£6.1bn) to pay debts due in July and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said the country has “done everything” required by the...

    Thursday 15th Jun 2017

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  • China, Russia and EU vow to abide by climate accord

    CHINA, Russia and the European Union pledged yesterday to uphold the Paris climate change accord whether or not the United States withdraws from it.

    The rush of statements came as US President Donald Trump was expected to announce his decision on the agreement outside the White House...

    Friday 2nd Jun 2017

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  • May’s ‘no deal’ line is absurd

    IT’S a measure of the poverty of the Conservatives’ election propaganda that their Facebook page mocks Jeremy Corbyn’s interview on the BBC’s Woman’s Hour, when he sought to find an accurate response to a question about the cost of free childcare in Labour’s...

    Wednesday 31st May 2017

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  • EU: Bloc ain’t big enough for the two of us

    BRUSSELS seems to be seeking voluntary redundancies among top Eurocrats.

    When US President Donald Trump met European Council president Donald Tusk and European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker yesterday, there was an interesting exchange.

    Mr Tusk said: “You know,...

    Friday 26th May 2017

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  • EU ministers talk tough over Britain splitting the Brexit bill

    EU MINISTERS are taking a hard line on divorce proceedings with Britain, Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said yesterday.

    The 27 ministers meeting in Brussels said in a statement that Britain “must honour its share of all the obligations undertaken while being a member” and...

    Tuesday 23rd May 2017

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